Are you ready for love?

Valentine’s Day is coming and love is forced to be in the air. Can you feel it?

On a day like that, we put our rose-tinted glasses and rejoice in our appreciation for love, but the problem is that we simplify something that’s vast and intricate, and thus forget to celebrate a side of relationships that isn’t as fun, although it is equally valuable, because it’s the side that makes us grow as individuals.

It’s the…

Dark Side of Relationships.

Cue the guitar solo.

Part one: Communication

In a relationship, sometimes, your partner will say something that will hurt you. The following is an example of what happened in mine:


After hearing this, I wondered if our relationship could make it, but he noticed my despair and tried to fix it:


Which is key. Relationships are about constant interaction, they force you to work through your issues by communicating, helping you both become more open and honest with yourselves and each other, and allowing you to understand how to express your feelings or thoughts more accurately.

I know what you’re wondering, “Did their relationship survive that?” Yes, we managed to survive this bump.

Part two: Boundaries

Other times, you will realize your partner has some personality traits you don’t appreciate. For example, I have a fear of germs, which weighs on him.


Of course, that’s not completely accurate. We don’t own a dog. But what can I say? He’s a champ.

Through this example, we can see how a relationship makes us confront our boundaries, while at the same time giving us the opportunity to put ourselves in another person’s shoes. In this case, he tolerates my flaw and he washes his hands, not because he’s afraid of the hose, but because he’s making the effort to understand me.

Part three: Happiness

There will be moments when you will feel like your partner is not contributing to your happiness.

80smoviesWhy would he tell me to eat vegetables? Does he not know me? I let this pass, you should too, because nobody is perfect and your happiness is your own, it shouldn’t depend on what anyone else does or say, or whether or not vegetables are involved.

Also, he’s right, I should eat broccoli.

Part four: Fears

A relationship can even test your deepest fears. One moment, you’re quietly reading something on your laptop:


The next, you’re terrified, because your partner walks really quietly around the house and suddenly appears next to you.


By confronting your fears together, you will become stronger individuals and, therefore, a stronger couple.

There are many more examples, but I hope these have helped you see relationships with  added depth, and answer this question:

Are you ready for love?


How to Prevent the Flu (if someone in your home has it)

One minute, you are having fun playing with your collection of possessed dolls, the next, your partner, family member, or roommate, comes up to you and says something along the lines of:


Panic-stricken, your mind starts calculating how to avoid getting the flu. Of course, at some point, you feel bad for them and want to help them, because you care about them and such things, but what matters is your mindset:

This. Is. War.

Each sneeze is a terrifying spray of disease, so an effective method to avoid being hit by it is to jump away from the sick person when you notice they’re about to sneeze.


Another helpful tip is to make ginger tea. The ginger root looks like a tiny, wise, tree trunk, and it will help you kill anything evil that dares to grow inside you.


You could build a custom Heavy Metal Flu Shield (or any other style you want), for situations such as conversations, or avoiding a hug. Don’t forget the importance of carving (or drawing) a battle cry on the front of it, to put you in the warrior headspace.


For example, my shield (illustrated above) is inspired by Judas Priest and approved by Rob Halford, giving me extra power.


Lastly, it is of vital importance to buy the meanest vitamin supplement you can take each day, to give your immune system more weapons in this war against the flu.


Be afraid, flu, be very afraid.

Favorite Song Interpretation (part 3): Scorpions’ No one like you

This song starts with a killer riff and that signature Scorpions’ second guitar, coming in with a melody that tells the main riff, “you’re not metal enough yet, but we can hang”.


Then, that nonsense stops, cause Klaus Meine needs to make his sweet voice heard. Plus, he has some pressing stuff he wants to communicate to this nameless woman.


Number one, he’s touring a lot, so he can’t be with her as much as he’d like; but, number two, he can imagine the nice things they would do if they were together, such as: shopping, and talking, and watching movies, and cuddling. In essence, being pampered by your other half.


After that, we have the guitar solo: it’s a desperate one, to emphasise the feeling of longing depicted in the lyrics; followed by the chorus, and then, the song fades out, so it lingers in your head, making you wanna hit play again.

There it is, pure romance in rock ‘n’ roll’s clothing.