The Brain’s Small Adventures

A happy brain leads to a happy life.

Our brain’s most trivial decisions, or, adventures, can be some of the most important we make. For example, deciding what to eat seems insignificant, yet it’s the difference between living a healthy life until your body is extremely wrinkly, or dying when you’re starting to get wrinkly. See the difference? Crazy.

With today’s hate towards sugar and carbs (another name for sugar), I personally shudder to think of a life lived up to a century by eating vegetables. So I choose sugar and hope to reach my 50s.

Here is a drawing of what happens when I get hungry:


Ah, yeah, I have a little problem with gluten. But I won’t give up pizza, because it’s one of life’s most precious gifts.


Another little adventure, but of vital importance for my brain, is to listen to metal music. I am close-minded with this, I only listen to music that features guitar riffs and distortion, because it’s the only thing that works for my brain. If I don’t, it will ramble on without rest, or sing melodies I dislike.


Music stimulates my brain in all the right places. It looks something like this:


As an introvert, I have a hard time with social interaction, so one of my brain’s most important adventures is the whole process from deciding to be social, until after the event.


After I surround myself with people I care about, I realize it’s not as excruciating as I had previously thought.


And so, I continue my adventures. The immediate one being letting my brain have some “me” time.


Hope you have beautiful brain adventures today!


How to Prevent the Flu (if someone in your home has it)

One minute, you are having fun playing with your collection of possessed dolls, the next, your partner, family member, or roommate, comes up to you and says something along the lines of:


Panic-stricken, your mind starts calculating how to avoid getting the flu. Of course, at some point, you feel bad for them and want to help them, because you care about them and such things, but what matters is your mindset:

This. Is. War.

Each sneeze is a terrifying spray of disease, so an effective method to avoid being hit by it is to jump away from the sick person when you notice they’re about to sneeze.


Another helpful tip is to make ginger tea. The ginger root looks like a tiny, wise, tree trunk, and it will help you kill anything evil that dares to grow inside you.


You could build a custom Heavy Metal Flu Shield (or any other style you want), for situations such as conversations, or avoiding a hug. Don’t forget the importance of carving (or drawing) a battle cry on the front of it, to put you in the warrior headspace.


For example, my shield (illustrated above) is inspired by Judas Priest and approved by Rob Halford, giving me extra power.


Lastly, it is of vital importance to buy the meanest vitamin supplement you can take each day, to give your immune system more weapons in this war against the flu.


Be afraid, flu, be very afraid.

Horrible Ideas…

MMA fighting with flip-flops

MMA is the kind of sport that will entertain you and terrify you at the same time. As a horror movie fan, it’s no surprise this beautiful form of athleticism is appealing to me.

Watching an athlete win with a submission, K.O, or T.K.O, is exciting. However, those times when a fight ends with a decision, it can be disappointing. I don’t understand the scoring system, but, I think, if we made the athletes fight with flip-flops, and lose a point each time the flip-flop fell off a foot, a win by decision would be more obvious, have less controversy, and be more rewarding.


Plus, imagine the tension of a fight with this added problem, which could also have a surprise factor: would a fighter be angered enough to launch a flip-flop attack on his enemy, despite losing points? What does a kick with a flip-flop on look like? These are the questions that need answers.


Screaming Yoga

Yoga is meditation in movement… right?. But there’s a level of pain and frustration that comes with it, as our minds still ramble on. So, why not let our feelings out with screams? As we move into a downward dog, or try to keep our balance in one leg, why not let out a shout? Imagine that, you can quickly silence your thoughts while your hands try to touch your feet, but fail.



Scream some more, as you remember that time when you traumatised a child on a plane, because you watched a horror movie while you were sitting next to him. It’s ok, it’s just a thought, that kid is fine. Let it flow, scream and live in the now.


Starting conversations with embarrassing confessions, unpopular opinions, or math problems

Small talk is painful, so why not make it excruciating and guarantee you won’t have to engage in small talk with that person again, by telling them something embarrassing when you see them? It will be raw, liberating, and it will give you the power of invisibility the next time this person sees you. You could also express an unpopular opinion, or confront them with a math problem. Any of these options will produce the same results.