The Karma of Laughter

My parents and I were inseparable. They weren’t social, so we spent a lot of our free time together watching movies.


I watched my first horror movie, possibly either Scream 2 or Candyman, with them. Technically, I experienced my first horror movie while I was still in the womb, but that’s another story.


The problem was, my mom would always fall asleep. She still does. There is no movie captivating enough, no plot rich enough, no actor talented enough, to keep her awake throughout it. To add insult to injury, most of the time, she has an opinion on the movie, even if she has missed 90% of it.


So, of course, I used to make fun of her, I had to. But I didn’t consider karma getting to me after all these years of intense mocking…

In my defense, I sleep through small intervals during some movies. However, I plan to continue making fun of my mom, which means, someday, I will only see 10% of movies.

I can live with that.


Happy Mother’s Day! (Shhh, I’m pretty sure it’s still Sunday somewhere)