How to Prevent the Flu (if someone in your home has it)

One minute, you are having fun playing with your collection of possessed dolls, the next, your partner, family member, or roommate, comes up to you and says something along the lines of:


Panic-stricken, your mind starts calculating how to avoid getting the flu. Of course, at some point, you feel bad for them and want to help them, because you care about them and such things, but what matters is your mindset:

This. Is. War.

Each sneeze is a terrifying spray of disease, so an effective method to avoid being hit by it is to jump away from the sick person when you notice they’re about to sneeze.


Another helpful tip is to make ginger tea. The ginger root looks like a tiny, wise, tree trunk, and it will help you kill anything evil that dares to grow inside you.


You could build a custom Heavy Metal Flu Shield (or any other style you want), for situations such as conversations, or avoiding a hug. Don’t forget the importance of carving (or drawing) a battle cry on the front of it, to put you in the warrior headspace.


For example, my shield (illustrated above) is inspired by Judas Priest and approved by Rob Halford, giving me extra power.


Lastly, it is of vital importance to buy the meanest vitamin supplement you can take each day, to give your immune system more weapons in this war against the flu.


Be afraid, flu, be very afraid.


Heavy Metal Makes Some People Happy (ME!)

You know what rocks?

Judas Priest.

You know what else rocks?

Judas Priest’s latest album, Firepower.


I saw this band live in 2011. If meditation is living in the moment, I was meditating for an hour and a half or however long that show was. I understood many things about myself; surfacing from a sea of confusion and sadness, I took a deep breath of heavy metal happiness. I guess, some brains are wired like puzzles and the only way to make the pieces fit is to expose them to the right combination of musical notes.

I repeated the experience in 2015; mosquitoes kinda took me out of the hypnosis for parts of it, but it still was something for the heart to remember till I die some horror movie-esque death.

Now onto this album. They’re not reinventing the wheel, nor do I want them to. They’re that reliable source of classic heavy metal that I, for my taste, have trouble finding in other new releases.


Never the Heroes


Rising From Ruins

Flame Thrower

No Surrender