Favorite Song Interpretation (part 3): Scorpions’ No one like you

This song starts with a killer riff and that signature Scorpions’ second guitar, coming in with a melody that tells the main riff, “you’re not metal enough yet, but we can hang”.


Then, that nonsense stops, cause Klaus Meine needs to make his sweet voice heard. Plus, he has some pressing stuff he wants to communicate to this nameless woman.


Number one, he’s touring a lot, so he can’t be with her as much as he’d like; but, number two, he can imagine the nice things they would do if they were together, such as: shopping, and talking, and watching movies, and cuddling. In essence, being pampered by your other half.


After that, we have the guitar solo: it’s a desperate one, to emphasise the feeling of longing depicted in the lyrics; followed by the chorus, and then, the song fades out, so it lingers in your head, making you wanna hit play again.

There it is, pure romance in rock ‘n’ roll’s clothing.


Favorite Song Interpretation (Part 2): Whitesnake’s “If You Want Me (I’ll Come Running)”

This guy has honey and the girl he likes has a sweet tooth. It’s a match made in heaven.


Actually, he’s ready to not just give her honey, he can give her any sweet stuff she wants, even something as plain as sugar. But hey, who is he to judge? He only wants her love in return.


This woman simply has to give him a call and he will deliver all the candy she wants.

It’s that easy.

He probably owns a candy factory and that’s why he has no problem offering candy in such a carefree manner. I’m a little jealous.


I guess what she needs to give in return is simple as well, but we’re left to wonder, what happened in the end? Did she call him? Did he run to her with all the sugary gifts? That’s something the song doesn’t explore, as we’re seeing things only from the hopeful perspective of the male, the giver of candy.


Still, what a beautiful song.

Favorite Song Interpretation (Part 1): Dokken’s “It’s not love”

So, this is about someone not being good enough for you, because you’re in a glam metal band in the 80s, you’re too cool for 99.9999% of the population.

We’ve all been attracted to lame people, it’s the Ladder of True Love; you start with terrible taste and then end up with sophisticated heart desires, like a person who would wear tights and an 80s wig for you. That’s compromise, that’s true love.


Talking about hair, I think one of the reasons love is failing in this song is because of how difficult it was to find a partner with better hair in that era.

GoodHairBadHairThen, you have George Lynch’s guitar playing, his shredding power would have intimidated anyone you wanted to get close to. There’s a reason why he has the nickname Mr. Scary.

DokkenThere you have it, now you can enjoy this song with full understanding of the meaning behind it.