Small Protests & Performance Art

Protests are a tool we should use more often.

Society has a lot of problems, but some of them are so small, we might think speaking out against such issues, and trying to fix them, is not worth the effort.

This is why I’ve decided to demonstrate, through a few examples of small, yet important protests, that they are worth the effort. I’ve paired these protests with tasteful performance art pieces to enhance their message.

Let’s begin with a cry from a man that needs to be heard:



Now, the artistic side of the protest:


It’s beautiful, it’s art, it’s emotion, it’s the beginning of change.

Our next protest:


Onions have had enough of our tears. Would you disagree? I don’t think so.

Let’s transform it into art!


No more tears, onions. No. More. Tears.

Our last issue:


I know many share this sentiment.

But let’s illustrate our point with art:


There you have it, anger expressed through art, with the intention to transform society’s smaller issues.

I hope this was inspiring.


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