Good Naps, Bad Naps & the Non Napper

Naps are a gift from our bodies. A good nap is the solution to a sleepless night, feeling weak, sickness, bad mood, annoying company, nothing good on TV, inability to face the chores of the day, and many more problems.


However, there’s a delicate balance between a good nap and a bad nap. If you extend your nap for an uncertain amount of minutes, scientifically referred to as the Minutes of Doom, a good nap turns into a bad nap, making your life miserable until you can sleep again.


This can develop into a routine of good and bad naps that’s difficult to break, specially if you are like me, a lazy, but positive individual, who would rather sleep late and then nap, with the hope that it will be a good nap, and not a soul-sucking experience.

But there’s also the brave Non Napper, the person who chooses not to nap, no matter how tired, and, adding insult to injury, has to live with The Napper. This is how it looks like:


Dreadful stuff.

I think I still choose the life of The Napper.


4 thoughts on “Good Naps, Bad Naps & the Non Napper

  1. Lol–wise words. As a serial napper, I used to be annoyed by my non-napper wife (it’s not as much fun napping alone, is it?). When our daughter came, though, mild annoyance turned into gratitude, as it means she can babysit her during my blessed nap.


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