How to achieve mental toughness


DISCLAIMER: Strictly for laughing purposes.


The Endurance Test

  1. Find a maths class to attend.
  2. Endure it from beginning to end, paying complete attention to the lesson, but without taking notes, since that would take away some of the focus and mental suffering.
  3. Don’t cry.


The Facing Yourself At Your Worst Test

  1. Find pictures of your high school years or whenever you had that “weird phase”.
  2. Sit in a room by yourself and stare at them. Take at least a minute with each photograph, let the memory of your inadequate past self resurface and torment you.
  3. Don’t cry.


The Other People’s Opinion Test

  1. Dress unfashionably. If you can avoid combing your hair or even showering, that would be more effective.
  2. Get out of the house to go shopping, do groceries, or any activity that involves being surrounded by people.
  3. See how they silently judge your appearance and feel how offended they are by you.
  4. Don’t cry.


The Can’t Be Emotionally Moved Test

  1. Go to a pet store, one that has the cutest, fluffiest animals.
  2. Take your time to stare at them, look into their eyes, allow them to stare back into your soul.
  3. Consider adopting one, think about how happy you could make this tiny creature, spending your lives together, but don’t do it.
  4. Don’t cry.


The Temptation Test

  1. Buy your favorite candy. It could be a chocolate bar, cookies, cake, ice cream; it’s your choice, but make sure it’s your absolute favorite.
  2. Keep it in your house, place it somewhere visible and write a little sign, saying “Eat me!”, that you can put on top of it, but don’t follow that command.
  3. Feel the temptation sinking into your brain and bones, turning you into a candy-craving zombie, but don’t eat it.
  4. Don’t cry.


The Rejection Test

  1. Tell that person you like how you feel, but do it in a creepy way. A good idea would be to draw the two of you happy together, and show this drawing to the person as you tell them about the eternal love you feel for them, even if you have never spoken to them before.
  2. Get rejected.
  3. Don’t cry.



2 thoughts on “How to achieve mental toughness

  1. There are some real gems here. Sadly enough, I have lost all photos of my teen years during one of the moves (not that there were that many to begin with), but I can still replay some cringe-worthy moments in my head if need be.

    Your “Eat me” test reminded me of ancient Greek philosophy. I believe it was Plato who had his students prepare lavish meals, then sit and talk without ever touching the food as a means of building character. This probably inspired Epicurus, whose motto was “Eat, drink, for tomorrow we may perish,” and who became famous for the great parties he threw his students.

    I think I’m Epicurean at heart…


    1. First of all, thank you for your lovely comments, I appreciate them!

      I do have to rely on memory too, mostly, which is why I try now to take as many pics a possible, but I’m not good at it yet, a bit lazy.

      Ah, interesting. I didn’t know that about Plato, but yeah, I would get behind Epicurus on that one as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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