Favorite Song Interpretation (Part 2): Whitesnake’s “If You Want Me (I’ll Come Running)”

This guy has honey and the girl he likes has a sweet tooth. It’s a match made in heaven.


Actually, he’s ready to not just give her honey, he can give her any sweet stuff she wants, even something as plain as sugar. But hey, who is he to judge? He only wants her love in return.


This woman simply has to give him a call and he will deliver all the candy she wants.

It’s that easy.

He probably owns a candy factory and that’s why he has no problem offering candy in such a carefree manner. I’m a little jealous.


I guess what she needs to give in return is simple as well, but we’re left to wonder, what happened in the end? Did she call him? Did he run to her with all the sugary gifts? That’s something the song doesn’t explore, as we’re seeing things only from the hopeful perspective of the male, the giver of candy.


Still, what a beautiful song.


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