Names that will give your pet character (part II)



The suspense created by this name is unparalleled. Is it after 3PM or after 3AM that your pet turns into a savage beast? We don’t know, you don’t know, only your pet knows.

Take a look at this example. Before the name, our kitten seemed lost, vulnerable, conflicted, but after we’ve named him SavageAfterThree, we see a confident pet, one that has just shaved his whiskers with a butter knife, just to prove he could. Would you dare testing his skills with that knife? I know I wouldn’t. Plus, he’s not naked anymore, he’s wearing a sweater reminiscent of Freddy Krueger. Does this mean this kitten can kill you in your dreams? You can bet your house and your children it does.

SavageAfterThreeSo I would recommend this name for small pets that won’t do much growing in their lifetimes and need encouragement to feel evil.

Part III coming when you least expect it!

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